Wind Power

Harnessing the power of the wind to make electricity has rapidly escalated in interest and implementation over the last few years. The locations, costs, and return on your investment for installing your own wind turbine have become more and more attractive.
Wind turbines are available from many manufacturers. They come in many sizes, styles, and production ratings. Determining the appropriate wind turbine, tower height, and location on your property are vital to supplementing your home’s electricity (this should be done with a specialist).

All island towns are issuing permits for the installation of wind turbines. The ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) has different set backs and heights set according to the township and location of the turbine on the property. Not all parcels meet the requirements set by the ZBA, but a short on-site visit can quickly establish the likelihood of the ZBA’s approval.

The turbines must be attached atop a tower 85’ high at minimum. Typical island turbines are being installed at 105’. Depending on how much you wish to offset your utility needs and the efficiency of your home, a 1.9kW to 5kW turbine should be an effective choice for an average family home. After state/federal tax credits and subsidies, the total costs range from $20,000 to $40,000. The turbine model, tower, distance of wire run, and the accessibility to the wind turbine location, determine the vast majority of total cost. For a more in-depth understanding of the many wind turbine options, go to

As our electric bills rise with the escalating cost of fossil fuels, wind turbines are becoming a more viable, cost effective, and eco-friendly choice. Contact us for a free consultation, we’ll assist you with an outline of the options for your home or property.