Keeps you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer

Insulation is installed in the building’s floor, wall or ceiling cavities. Insulation slows heat transfer by reducing conduction (heat flow in a solid substance), radiation (heat that travels through the air, like the sun’s energy) and convection (heat transfer by movement of air or a fluid). Insulation comes in many different forms, all have an R-value, which is the measurement of resistance to the transfer of heat. The higher the R-value the greater the resistances to heat transfer.

Some insulations have foil faces that increase its radiant performance, for example, Reflectix or Celotex. Fiber glass is commonly used, yet air travels freely through its fibers allowing convection to rob your home’s energy more easily. Properly installed Cellulose and various Spray foams can form an air-barrier around your home and stop convection flows within your building’s cavities. Investing in the proper insulation is very important, since you will not be able to change it easily in the years ahead as you would with a kitchen cabinet, appliance or even a window. The insulation is in every exterior surface of a house and very expensive to upgrade post completion.

Along with the many different types of insulation there are many different construction designs that can boost your overall R-value. For example, a design incorporating 2 x 6 walls is common, yet simply using 2 x 8 alone can increase the walls insulation R-value from R-20 to R-28. Another practice is double studding which aids by giving a thermal break (stopping convection) and grants large amounts of depth for insulation to achieve very high R-values. Another design utilizes ridged insulation on the interior or exterior; this also offers a thermal break and higher R-values.

The detailing and design to achieve air-tightness and high R-values of the building shell are close to unlimited. Choosing the right design for the homes needs, interests, and budget is the trick. With our skills, resources, sub-contractors, and architects, we are able to help design a new home, or improve an old home that suites your budget and energy efficiency interests.

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