Geothermal Power

A geothermal heating and/or air conditioning system uses the Earth’s ability to store heat in ground or water thermal masses. These systems operate based on the stability of the underground temperatures; the ground six feet below surface or deeper has a very stable temperature throughout the year. A geothermal heat pump uses that available heat in the winter for heating, and puts heat back into the ground during the summer.

A geothermal system differs from a conventional furnace or boiler by its ability to transfer heat, versus the standard method of producing heat.

With residential system efficiencies approaching 400%, the system can be designed to save you 60 to 75% of your annual fuel consumption. A geothermal system can supplement or replace your heating and hot water system. Geothermal systems have proven to pay for themselves in five to seven years.

Geothermal systems consist of a loop of piping, generally buried vertically or horizontally underground, liquid, a liquid pump, and Heat Pump (similar to a AC condenser). For a more in depth understanding of the many geothermal system options, visit the web site of Nelson Mechanical Design.

All the geothermal systems operate on electricity; this makes them a prime candidate for installation in conjunction with PV panels or a Wind Turbine to offset your electrical needs for the system.

Geothermal systems are a viable, cost effective and eco-friendly choice. Contact us for a free consultation, and outline of options for your home or property.