Solar Electric Power

PV (photovoltaic) panels convert light directly into electricity. PV panels are manufactured in various sizes and wattages. All PV panels produce electricity in DC (direct current). An inverter is necessary at installation to convert the current to AC (alternating current – the current in your home). A southern facing roof mounting system can be attractive and economical. A simple cost-effective framing stand can be custom made for ground applications or various manufactured pole-mounts are available. Along with a meter and several disconnects there isn’t much more to it. The systems can be installed (in several days) to existing or newly constructed homes with relatively low impact, and as soon as the sun shines you make electricity instantly.

It is not necessary to install batteries; most systems are hard wired directly into the main circuit panel of the home. If the sun is out and mechanical equipment or appliances need electricity they are fed from the panels. If the sun is out and you have low or no demand, the electricity goes back into your utility grid and your electrical meter literally spins backwards. A PV system is generally sized to reduce your dependence on your electric utility and lower your utility bills, not to make a surplus of electricity. For a more in-depth understanding of PV systems visit

There are several subsidies tax credits and deductions in place at the federal and state levels to help off set your investment. You also can receive green credits for the electricity you make. The subsidies, credits, deductions and green credits are ever-changing; current legislation and grants will dictate the final total cost.

After subsidies, credits and deductions, the seven lower PV panels (1400w) in the photo on the left, cost half the contracted price. Fossil fuel costs to make electricity are going up, and so are our electric bills. PV is a viable, cost effective and eco-friendly choice. Contact us for a free consultation, and an outline of the options you have at your property.