Solar Hot Water Power

Solar HW (hot water) panels produce hot water. HW panels are typically installed to supplement domestic and/or hot water heating systems. The two main types of solar HW systems on the market are drain back and glycol. The location of HW panels, in conjunction to their solar storage tanks, along with budget and seasonal use, will dictate the appropriate system. There are many sizes and manufacturers of HW panels and solar storage systems. Choosing the proper system and getting the proper installation are necessary to receive the tax credit offered (max. $2,000). Solar HW systems generally cost less then PV and deliver a quicker return on investment.

Fossil fuels are only going up and the cost to make hot water is rising too. Solar HW panels are a smart investment for most existing homes and new construction. HW panels are a viable, cost effective and eco-friendly choice. Contact us for a free consultation and outline of options for your home or property.