Good GREEN Habits

27 Ways to Greener Days

Green practices that help you and your family stay in the Green

  1. Window shades up for the solar gain during the winter, don’t underestimate the power of the suns solar energy to heat your home for free.
  2. Window shades down during the summer days will shield your home from the solar gain that will require an AC to work harder and raise utility bills
  3. Invest in quality window shades – Honey comb design with R-2 to 3 ratings
  4. Install programmable thermostats and set them so your heating & cooling equipment work less while you are away
  5. Adjust your thermostats 2 degrees so your heating & cooling works less
  6. Turn your water heater down to 130 or even 120, turn to lowest setting while on vacation
  7. Turn lights off more regular, possible timer use, or outside sensors
  8. Swap out as many incandescent bulbs for CFL’s (compact fluorescent) inside, and outside as possible
  9. Turn off any electronics if not in use (TV, DVD, stereo, computer, etc.)
  10. Set your computer to sleep or shut down mode after a ½ hour of no use or less
  11. Defrost freezers regularly
  12. Limit oven use on days you have an AC on
  13. Pay attention to lights and shades even while at a Hotel
  14. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
  15. Line dry your clothes when you can
  16. Use organic fertilizers
  17. Walk or bike ride instead of driving
  18. Carpool; work, kids to school, kids to after school programs/sports etc.
  19. Combine activities to reduce daily driving miles
  20. Buy local, don’t support the fossil fuels used for distant shipping
  21. Learn about pellet stoves
  22. Learn about Bio-Mass
  23. Learn about Biodiesel and how you might use it
  24. Learn about Hybrid cars
  25. Learn about Electric cars
  26. Use the VTA
  27. Share with a friend how you have taken steps to green