Renewable energy is generated from natural resources – the sun, wind, rainfall, the earth’s core and organic waste. Such resources are called “renewable” because they are automatically replenished by nature.

Energy from renewable sources can be fed into the power grid (utility company) or into your home the same way energy from non-renewable sources, such as coal or natural gas, is used by your utility company.

It’s fair to say that your renewable investment will aid your utility or even replace your utility. By installing PV (photo voltaic) panels or a wind turbine you will immediately begin lowering your utility dependence, and bill, by generating your own electricity. There is no need to have batteries or go off the grid.

By installing solar hot water panels you can aid your present hot water system by making hot water with the sun, this further reduces your utility bills, and dependence on your utility company.
Before a renewable system is added onto an existing or newly designed home, conservation must be looked at carefully. Depending on the home’s design and the occupants living habits, conservation of energy can be as cost-effective as introducing a renewable energy system. During our energy audits we can assist you with energy saving solutions through conservation, or visit our Good Green Habits page for some baseline conservation practices you can implement on your own.

Solar electric, solar hot water and wind turbines are relatively simple systems with tax deductions, tax credits, and subsidies to help support your steps toward a greener home. These renewable systems can be added to most existing homes or built into new construction designs, to bring real returns for your investment, (which can be predetermined) all while giving you a sense of freedom from fossil fuels, care for our children and the future of our planet.

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